Designed to give you and your patients a better experience

Immobile hospitalized patients  depend on caregivers’ help every time they need to go. To ensure privacy in this situation  Goloo has developed Softloo, Easyloo and Uniloo – a series of disposable bedpans and urinals. The products are designed to facilitate the intimate toilet event and thereby give the immobile patients and their caregivers a better overall experience.



Softloo is an inflatable and disposable bedpan for bedridden patients.

Implied by its name, Softloo is a comfortable, discrete and hygienic alternative to the traditional bedpan.

The Softloo is accompanied by a user-friendly pump, which ensures that it is quickly inflated and ready to be used. Simply place the Softloo under the patient as you would do with a traditional bedpan. When finished, the Softloo is removed. Throw paper and gloves into the Softloo, deflate it and close it with help from the adhesive strips before you dispose it.


Check this link for a demonstration of the product in use:  


Easyloo is a disposable bedpan bag designed for commode chairs and toilet seats.

As the name implies, the Easyloo is a more user-friendly, discrete and hygienic alternative to the traditional bedpan.

 The Easyloo is equipped with a strong and intelligible adhesive the Easyloo, which makes it easy fixate to the chair or seat. Here, the Easyloo forms a cover that protects the chair against urine and faeces, saving you from unnecessary cleaning. After use, the Easyloo is easily removed and closed using the integrated strings. Dispose it and you are finished.


Check this link for a demonstration of the product in use:  



Uniloo is a disposable urinal bag designed for men and women.

It is a lighter, more discrete and hygienic alternative to the tradition urinal. 

Uniloo is supported by inflatable features, which are inflated using the accompanying pump. The inflatable stabilisers around the sides of the Uniloo prevent the urinal from collapsing while the inflatable ring towards the opening ensures that the Uniloo is firmly attached to the body so waste and leaking is prevented. When the Uniloo is attached, the light, yet durable, material ensures that the Uniloo is easy to hold until finished. Then the Uniloo is simply removed and closed using the adhesive tape strips. Dispose it and you are good to go. The Uniloo can also be used for emptying catheters or as a vomit bag.

Check this link for a demonstration of the product in use:  


Gowash is a practical inflatable and disposable wash bowl designed for the Health Care sector.

The product can be used for various procedures such as hair and body wash.

Soaking for instance an infected hand or foot.

It is simple to use and dispose.


Rethinking the traditional bedpan and urinal. Working closely with the patients and caregivers who use the products, Goloo saw the need for a series of products that to a higer extent accommodate the needs of the end-users. Explore the features of Goloo's new and improved products.


The material — All products are made from allergy and environmentally friendly disposable plastic that is soft and durable.

The features — All products are equipped with user-friendly adhesive or strings that ensures that the containers close easily and tightly after use

The packages — All Goloo’s products are delivered in conveniently sized packages that can easily be stored in the ward, close to the patient.

The technology — All products contain an odour-retardant pad that absorbs and converts up to 1000 ml fluid into gel within less than 1,5 minute.



Replacing the traditional bedpans and urinals with Goloo's innovative products gives the patients and caregivers a number of benefits. 



Improves working environment
Goloo’s bedpans and urinals save you from unnecessary tasks before, during and after use, including walking to get the bedpan or urinal, checking the product from urine or faeces remains and cleaning the bedpans and urinals after use. Goloo comes in conveniently sized packages that can be stored close to the patients. Grab it, use it and dispose it after use.

Reduces spilling and patient accidents
With Goloo’s bedpans and urinals spilling and patient accidents are reduced. The products are designed to absorb and encapsulate the urine and faeces using an absorbing pad.

Minimises cleaning
With Goloo's disposable bedpans and urinals, your working routines are changed for the better. Cleaning is reduced, odours are reduces, walking is reduced and risk of infections is reduced. Combined, these changes contribute to an improvement of your working environment.

Improves hygiene
Using Goloo’s disposable bedpans and urinals reduces the risk of infections, including urinary tract infections. You no longer have to worry if the products have been cleaned properly before use. You simply grab a clean new Goloo and dispose it after use. In that way the routes of infection are breached and infections reduced.  

Reduces pressure ulcers
With Goloo’s inflatable and disposable bedpans and urinals you no longer have to worry about pressure ulcers. The soft, inflatable plastic products make the products warmer, more gentle and comfortable than traditional bedpans and urinals. This improves the hospitalisation.


Reduced exposure
Depending on a caregiver’s help to handle the very intimate and private event of urinating and defecating violates the private sphere of the patient. The patients feel exposed. With Goloo’s disposable bedpans and urinals exposure is reduced. All the products are equipped with a odour-retardant pad that reduces odour; and after use the bedpan or urinal is closed and disposed, leaving no urine or faeces for the caregivers to clean.

Improved hygiene
Goloo’s bedpans and urinals are a hygienic alternative to traditional bedpans and urinals. Given that they are disposable, the products are unused when you grab it and are disposed immediately after use. This means that the routes of infections are breached much earlier than with traditional bedpans and urinals that have to be cleaned after each time and thereby are a direct source to infections

Improved comfort
As opposed to traditional bedpans and urinals Goloo’s products are developed in soft and inflatable plastic to give you a more soft and comfortable experience. Given its softness, the likelihood of pressure ulcers is also reduced.



Reduced water, electricity and chemicals
Cleaning and boiling bedpans and urinals every time they have been used is not only time consuming, it poses a considerable cost on the environment and on its valuable resources, such as water and electricity. Therefore, using Goloo’s disposable bedpans and urinals is an opportunity for you to save the environment, starting today.