In 2014, Centre of Applied Healthcare Science (in Danish Center for Anvendt Sundhedstjenesteforskning) conducted an impartial medical technology assessment (MTV) as a Public-Private Innovation OPI. Through the OPI pool, the MTV received funding from Growth Forum of Southern Denmark (in Danish Syddansk Vækstforum) and The European Regional Fond, which was named ‘Disposable products as an alternative to metal bedpans and plastic urinals).


Overall the disposable products have been met with great satisfaction at the involved departments.

More specifically, the implicated departments experience that the products contribute to following improvements:

  • The working routines can be completed at the ward
  • The cleaning rooms are easier to keep clean
  • The private sphere of the patients is easier to protect and respect, because odours are reduced.
  • The disposable products are more comfortable for the patients
  • The products are time saving, more hygienic and convenient
  • The products add to a better working environment
  • The waste is straightforward to manage for the individual department (unit level) and supposedly also at an organisational level
  • The disposable products are considered a relevant and appropriate improvement by the staff