Inflatable and disposable bedpans and urinals designed to give patients and caregivers a better experience




An inflatable and disposable bedpan for bedridden patients.

It is warmer, more discrete and more hygienic than the traditional bedpan.

Softloo can also be used as a washbasin.



A disposable bedpan bag designed for commode chairs and toilet seats.

It is easily attached to the seat and is just as easily removed.



A disposable urinal bag designed for both men and women.

The inflatable stabilisers on the sides of the bag and the ring at the top make it easy to hold and handle. Can also be used as a vomit bag or for emptying catheters.


An inflatable and disposable wash bowl.

It is suitable for hair and body wash and improves all aspects regarding hygiene.


Goloo’s disposable bedpans and urinals are designed to make the toilet experience more respectful for you and your patients.

Made from disposable, soft and durable plastic, Goloo’s bedpans and urinals provide a comfortable, discrete and hygienic alternative to the traditional bedpans and urinals. All products contain an odour-retardant pad that absorbs and converts up to 600 ml fluid into gel. The products are easy to store and handle, before, under and after use.


Goloo’s products are delivered in ready-to-grab packages that can easily be stored in the hospital ward, close to the patients. Grab the relevant Goloo, inflate it (only Softloo and Uniloo) and it is good to go.

2. Use

Place the Goloo comfortably onto or under the patient and remove it again after use.


Throw paper and gloves into the Goloo and close it. Now simply throw it in the bin. 

With Goloo’s disposable bedpans it is possible to improve the patient’s quality of life and break the routes of infection much earlier than with traditional bedpans. Therefore, we only use disposable bedpans in our teaching.
— Hans Henrik Johansen, Teacher and anesthesia nurse, The Social and Healthcare School of Fredericia, Vejle and Horsens, Denmark
Using Goloo’s disposable bedpans and urinals we can reduce the risk of infection and pressure ulcers, which improves the patient’s experience.
— Mette Fjord Nielsen, Head nurse, Center for planned surgery, The Regional Hospital of Silkeborg
We are very pleased with Goloo’s disposable bedpans. They are easy to use, they have removed almost all our odour nuisance and they have saved us many unnecessary footsteps.
— Bettina Friis, Nurse at Nursing Home Højvangen, Nyborg Municipality